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5 am Mornings

That big challenge to wake up in the morning, trying to switch off the alarm and go on a snooze binge.

The swing that matters

Along the way you will find a lot of things that you would have never found if you had given up. 

The urge to add more

This happens to me often — too many things happening all at once & too many ideas that clog...

Show up everyday

You don’t have to be perfect, you never will be. Things may not be exciting to start with...

4:30am is top league

For a long time I was notoriously going late to the bed and could not ever get up early.

I am a user, get me outta here

You are mid-way through a sprint planning and someone utters the word ‘solution’ ...

YouTube videos - 1

I would not say I failed, but none of these top items from my list made any difference.

YouTube videos - 2

I would not say I failed, but none of these top items from my list made any difference.

I don't code

Learn to code. It’s a skill that will take you a long way. More so, if you are product designer.

Broadband is down

On a good evening I could spend close to 3 hours on the internet (that’s starting at 11pm). 

Customer segment

Most startups struggle at this stage. Finding that one channel which will lead you to Product Market Fit.

SXSW experience

I usually get up from bed around 6am on good days. But today I had a flight to ...


To your users else the competition will


Stay out of the always planning lane


You are not going anywhere without it

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